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Fidesz MP Slams Judge for ‘Letting Perpetrator Go Free’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.06.

A lawmaker of ruling Fidesz on Friday slammed a Miskolc court in connection with a case involving the killing of a 17-year-old girl in Borsodnádasd, in north-east Hungary, insisting the court “let the perpetrator go free”.

The non-binding ruling found a 24-year-old man guilty of manslaughter. The man had been accused of beating up a 17-year-old girl under the influence of drugs and alcohol and dumping her body in a drain, where she drowned.

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The court sentenced the man to four years in prison, including the 2,5 years spent in pre-trial detention. He will spend the rest of his sentence under house arrest, the news site origo.hu said.

In a video published on Facebook, Fidesz MP Gyula Budai said: “This shocking story shows what happens when foreign-funded fake civil organisations sensitise judges.”

“We can all voice our opinions [on similar issues] in the national consultation [public survey] the government is launching in March,” he said. “In Hungary, criminals are due punishment.”

Commenting on the ruling, the National Office of the Judiciary (OBH) noted that the prosecution has appealed the non-binding ruling, and the procedure will continue before the Debrecen Court of Appeal. The second instance procedure offers an opportunity to override the sentence, including the qualification of the crime as manslaughter and the ensuing punishment, the statement said.

Featured photo by NoémiBruzák/MTI