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Fidesz lawmaker Károly Pánczél on Tuesday attended the commemoration of the Madéfalva Massacre in Madéfalva (Siculeni), Romania, in which hundreds of Szekler Hungarians were slain by Austrian troops in 1764.

On January 7, 1765, the troops of Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, retaliated a protest by some 2,500 Szeklers who refused to serve in the Austrian army under command in German.

Government To Finance Reconstruction Of Memorial To Mass Murder Of Hungarians In Transylvanian Village

In his speech, Pánczél, who also heads parliament’s committee for national cohesion, noted that the Hungarian parliament had declared 2020 the year of Hungarian cohesion, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Trianon peace treaty. “We do not want a year of mourning”, Pánczél said. The memorial year aims to have “one day of remembrance and 364 days of cohesion,” he said. “We expect the neighbouring countries to show respect,” he told the Maszol.ro news portal.

Featured photo via Károly Pánczél’s Facebook page