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Fidesz MP Launches ‘National Security Risk’ Probe into Opposition LMP’s Demeter

Ruling Fidesz lawmakers are launching a parliamentary investigation to determine whether LMP lawmaker Márta Demeter “poses a risk to national security”.

Parliamentary scrutiny headed by the house speaker will determine if Demeter, the deputy head of parliament’s defence and law enforcement committee, presents a security risk, the (Fidesz) committee’s head Lajos Kósa told MTI on Thursday after a meeting of the body.

In mid-October, Demeter turned to the interior and defence ministers for information about one of the daughters of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, alleging she had flown from Cyprus to Hungary aboard a military aircraft. Demeter’s information proved false as it turned out that the daughter of a Hungarian officer who has the same name as Orbán’s daughter had been among the passengers.

Kósa accused Demeter of “disclosing classified information for political gain”.

He said the defence committee was a “sensitive” body which oversees confidential information. Anyone disclosing such data poses a national security risk, he insisted.

Kósa said: “Who can guarantee that Demeter, after receiving classified information in future, would not publish that information for political reasons?”

via MTI