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Fidesz MP Accused Of Budgetary Fraud And Racketeering Faces Police Investigation

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.08.18.

An MP representing Hungary’s co-ruling conservative Fidesz-KDNP is set to have his immunity revoked as he faces serious corruption chances.

On Thursday morning it was announced that Péter Polt, the country’s chief prosecutor, has initiated the revocation of 41-year-old Roland Mengyi’s immunity after it surfaced that he may have been involved in an attempt at major budgetary fraud as a member of a crime sindicate and racketeering. According to Hungarian criminal law, the first offence is punishable with a prison sentence ranging from five to ten years and the second with a jail term ranging from two to eight years.

A spokesman for the chief prosecutor’s office confirmed on Thursday that charges have been raised against five individuals in the case so far, none of whom are public figures. Two of the five people accused are in pre-trial detention while three are under house arrest, Géza Fazekas said.

In a statement, the Tiszaújváros-born former chauffeur said that he is “fully cooperating” with authorities handling the case and will request Parliament to lift his immunity himself in order to “clarify reality as soon as possible”.

Allegations of corruption against Mengyi surfaced after 168 Óra, a left-wing weekly, reported earlier in the month citing police documents and wire-tapping recordings that the MP, referred to as “Voldemort”, was of a HUF 500m fraud plot to divert EU funding to private pockets.

photo: János Vajda/MTI