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Fidesz MEP: National Parliaments Key to Success of Conference on EU’s Future

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.03.11.

Fidesz MEP László Trócsányi on Wednesday emphasised the importance of national parliaments in the success of an upcoming conference on the future of the European Union.

EU leaders on Wednesday signed a joint declaration on the organisation of a conference on the bloc’s future. The conference will be aimed at finding solutions to the EU’s problems and strengthen European solidarity.

Commenting on the declaration, Trócsányi said in a statement that national parliaments were the ones closest to the European people and had an abundance of resources.

“The involvement of the nearly 8,500 representatives of the various lower and upper parliamentary houses would solidify the success and legitimacy of the conference on the future of Europe,” the MEP said. “Their participation would help narrow the distance between citizens and EU decision-makers.”

Trócsányi said it was “regrettable” that national parliaments “are not getting a real chance to participate”. Though the declaration makes reference to the participation of national parliaments, most of the emphasis is on “civic platforms of yet uncertain compositions”, he said.

featured photo via László Trócsányi’s Facebook page