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Fidesz MEP: EC Appoints ‘Left-wing Political Activist’ as Liaison of Rule-of-law Report

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.05.05.

Ruling Fidesz MEPs have sent a letter of protest to the European Commission arguing that Gábor Magyar, appointed as liaison of the delegation preparing this year’s rule-of-law report on Hungary, was “an out-and-out left-wing political activist”.

In a video posted on Wednesday, Fidesz EP group leader Tamás Deutsch noted that the EC had promised an unbiased 2020 rule-of-law report. He accused the EC of instead having produced “a political pamphlet” echoing the European and Hungarian left-wing’s slanders against Hungary.

He said that after the “considerable scandal” generated by “that biased report” which “applied double standards”, the EC had promised to prepare this year’s report without any bias and prejudice.

Deutsch accused Magyar, a staff member of an EU directorate-general, of being an “unruly left-wing political activist” rather than an impartial official.

Deutsch noted that in an interview Magyar had called Hungary a regime that no longer met the criteria of the democratic rule of law that respects human rights.

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In the letter, the European lawmakers of Fidesz called on the EC to immediately withdraw the “obviously biased” liaison and publicly guarantee a fair procedure.

featured image: Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch; via Balázs Mohai/MTI