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Fidesz MEP Deutsch: Brussels Preparing to Implement ‘Soros Plan’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.11.26.

Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch on Wednesday said Brussels was getting ready to implement an alleged plan by US financier George Soros to import migrants into Europe.

In a video message on Facebook, Deutsch said an action plan unveiled by the European Commission on Tuesday “is none other than the implementation of the Soros plan”.

Deutsch said the plan “for a mass admission of migrants” into Europe had three key elements.

The MEP cited the EU home affairs commissioner as saying during the unveiling of the plan that the bloc was in need of more migrants. “In other words, Brussels has openly admitted that it wants to turn Europe into a continent of immigrants and wants to break down all physical and legal barriers standing in the way of the tens of millions of migrants en route to Europe,” he said.

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Deutsch said the second important element of the plan was granting voting rights to immigrants. “The left and the pro-migration forces want to create an open society purely out of political interest,” he insisted. “In other words, they want a mixed society and build up a voter base made up of migrants all across Europe.”

The third key element, he said, was Brussels’s plan to provide “all kinds of welfare benefits to migrants” from European taxpayer money.

Deutsch said that tying the payment of EU funds to member states to political conditions was “a part of Brussels’s blackmail”.

“This is another issue in which Brussels is fulfilling Soros’s order,” he said. “Soros gave the order to deprive member states that refuse to take in migrants of funds as early as 2015.”

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Deutsch said Brussels and “the pro-migration forces” were preparing to settle millions of migrants in Europe and force that plan onto member states.

“The government of Viktor Orbán, Fidesz, the Christian Democrats and all of us Hungarians who oppose immigration are standing in the way of the Soros plan, which is why they’re bringing everything they have against us,” he said.

In the featured photo illustration (from left to right): Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch and state secretary Bence Rétvári. Photo by Attila Kovács/MTI