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Reactions to Fidesz Quitting EPP: ‘Fidesz has left Christian Democracy long ago’

Tamás Vaski 2021.03.19.

Fidesz resigned from the European People’s Party (EPP) on Thursday. Many notable representatives from the EPP, Fidesz, and Hungary’s opposition all reacted to the event in various ways, or chose not to say anything at all.

The EPP published a formal statement which it shared on Twitter, stating that “the European People’s Party has received a letter of resignation from Fidesz. Following Article 9 of the party’s statutes, this automatically ends Fidesz’s membership of the EPP.”

EPP Representatives Make Minimal Statements

In reaction to the resignation, president of the EPP Donald Tusk posted on Facebok saying “FIDESZ has left Christian Democracy. In truth, it left many years ago.”

Fidesz Quitting European People's Party
Fidesz Quitting European People's Party

Fidesz “no longer wishes to maintain its membership in the European People’s Party,” according to a letter posted on Twitter on Thursday by the Hungarian ruling party’s deputy head, Katalin Novák. The letter was signed by Fidesz’s international secretariat and addressed to the Secretary-General of the EPP, Antonio Lopez-Isturiz White. Novák, who is also Hungary’s […]Continue reading

Leader of the Christian Social Union Markus Söder stated on twitter that while Fidesz has completely left the EPP party family, the CSU will continue to work with them at the national level.

Fidesz Says it is the EPP’s Fault

Minister without portfolio for Family Affairs Katalin Novák backed the Hungarian government’s reasoning up in a Facebook post saying that the EPP has strayed away from the right, in favor of left-wing values such as migration. Contrary to them, she says, “Fidesz belongs to the European democratic right wing, which it has vowed to rebuild.”

According to Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi, the EPP “has left Christian Democracy, so Fidesz has left EPP.”

Hungarian Press Roundup: Further Ruminations on Fidesz Outside the EPP
Hungarian Press Roundup: Further Ruminations on Fidesz Outside the EPP

A conservative commentator says Fidesz left the EPP because it abandoned Christian values. The leading left-wing weekly contends that Fidesz MEPs will lose their influence in the European Parliament. Hungarian press roundup by budapost.eu In Magyar Hírlap, József Alvinczi thinks that Fidesz had no place in the EPP’s Parliamentary group dominated by parties that were Christian only nominally. […]Continue reading

The rest of Fidesz’s MEP representatives either retweeted Katalin Novák’s post or did not react to the event at all.

As of now, György Hölvényi, the last remaining MEP partner to Fidesz in the EPP representing Hungary’s Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), made no comment.

Hungary’s Opposition Laughs at Fidesz

Hungary’s opposition on the other hand, however, satirized the event and showed Fidesz’s decision as a degradation to their standing in the European Parliament.

Leader of the social-liberal Democratic Coalition Ferenc Gyurcsány posted a meme to his Facebook page making fun of Fidesz’s decision to “leave” the EPP when they were actually forced out. He also quoted Shrek’s famous “better out than in” line.

Katalin Cseh, the centrist liberal Momentum Movement’s EP representative directed her post to Katalin Novák, saying that Fidesz left the EPP in 2021, “and they will say goodbye to their governing position in 2022.”

Fidesz MEPs Leave EPP Group Following New Ruling on Party Suspensions
Fidesz MEPs Leave EPP Group Following New Ruling on Party Suspensions

After the European People’s Party passed its vote allowing for the suspension of its member parties, Viktor Orbán sent a letter to EPP Group President Manfred Weber declaring the immediate resignation of all Fidesz representatives from the party’s faction in the European Parliament. The new ruling, passed 148 to 28, allows for the removal of […]Continue reading

Representing the right wing Jobbik party, Márton Gyöngyösi mentioned on Facebook that he asked KDNP and RMDSZ representatives, the two remaining Fidesz allied parties in the EPP, whether they feel like they are now shifting to the left along with the EPP, since that is how Fidesz referred to the European party, and their reasoning for leaving.

Featured photo illustration by Balázs Szecsődi/MTI/Prime Minister’s Press Office