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Fidesz Deputy Leader: Family Key Value of Christian Democracy

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.04.20.

Katalin Novák, Fidesz’s deputy leader, addressing an international conference on the future of Christian democracy in Europe, called the family the central value of Christian democracy, according to Tuesday’s edition of pro-government daily Magyar Hírlap.

At the Political Network for Values online conference attended on Monday by lawmakers and leading politicians, Novák, who is also the minister responsible for family policy and the international organisation’s head since autumn 2019, called for the preservation of traditional family values and that marriage was defined by the union of a man and woman and the parent-child relationship.

Novák said the state, which provides order and security, was another key plank of Christian democracy.

The minister also stressed the importance of equality between men and women, explaining that while this did not mean they should be considered the same, they should have equal opportunities while respecting their differences.

Novák insisted that many European Christian democratic parties had let their traditional values fall by the wayside and had given into left-liberal media pressure.

She also insisted that the European People’s Party had shifted to the left. Novák added that this is the reason why Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Italian politician Matteo Salvini and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki were in the process of forming a new alliance.

Novák said liberals of today refused to accept any opinions at variance to their own, and they stigmatised and excluded anyone who did not think exactly the same as them.

featured image via Zoltán Máthé/MTI