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Festival of Folk Arts 2014 to Feature Turkey


This years marks the arrival of the 28th Festival of Folk Arts as visitors will have the chance to enjoy the sights for five days from 16 to 20 August. Almost 800 craftsmen will visit the festival to showcase their works, with a special focus on metallurgy as the theme of the year will be metal crafts. The guest country to be featured this year is going to be Turkey.

The goal of the Festival of Folk Arts is to showcase still cultivated traditional craftsmanship, most of which have a great past in Hungary. As one of the most ancients crafts, 2014 will be the year of metallurgy: blacksmith, knife makers, gunsmith, coppersmith, tinkers, bell makers and lead craftsmen will all have the opportunity to showcase their vast knowledge. With the support of 50 workshops visitors will also have the ability to try many of these difficult, but traditional arts.

The featured guest of the festival will be Turkey, with the country’s rich folk traditions and special metallurgical techniques they will serve as a unique addition to the Festival of Folk Arts. The festival will take place in Budapest, in the iconic Buda Castle, which for the five days will once again fly under the Turkish Flag – giving a historic overtone to the festival’s usually fantastic atmosphere.