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Ferencváros Recruits Icelandic Striker Kjartan Finnbogason

Fanni Kaszás 2018.06.27.

Just after Iceland bowed out of the World Cup yesterday, Hungarian football club Fradi announced that their fourth new recruit this season will be 31-year-old Icelandic striker, Kjartan Finnbogason.

Finnbogason, former national team member and Hungary’s first Icelandic player in the NB1, will leave Danish football club AC Horsens, and join the team this summer. Despite sharing a surname and playing on the national team in 2011 and 2016, he is not the star player responsible for scoring Iceland’s first World Cup goal last week in Argentina.

Finnbogason began his professional career at KR Reykjavik, then signed with the Scottish club Celtic in 2005. The Glasgow team loaned him out twice, and upon his return, he scored 20 goals in 28 matches for the Green-White’s reserve team. In 2008, after not making the A team of the Scottish club, he signed to Norwegian Sandefjord. Later, he returned to Scottish team Falkirk for a six-month period but was unable to secure a place in the starting eleven.

He then returned to his first team, KR Reykjavik in 2010. In his first season with the team, KR Reykjavik won the Icelandic Premier League and then went on to double the title in 2013.  Finnbogason left the team after four years, 82 matches and 37 goals.

In 2014, he moved to Denmark to play for AC Horsens and debuted against his former club, Celtic. In his first season with AC Horsens Finnbogasn scored 11 times, and then 17 times in 2015-16. Finnbogason became captain of the Danish team in his third season and remained so until his last appearance in the club’s colors.

He made his debut with the Icelandic national team in 2011, and played again for them in 2016, but was not part of the team that went to the European championship. He scored his first ever international goal against China in an international friendly match in 2017 and has made 11 appearances with the national side so far.