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Ferencváros Fans Angered By Vein Scanning

Tamás Székely 2014.11.12.

The Washington Post has published an article about Hungarian football club Ferencvárosi TC, also known as “Fradi”. The Budapest-based team, which won the Hungarian Championship 28 times, appears to have figured out how to ensure fans with a track record of starting violence in its brand new stadium (Groupama Arena) never return.

Ferencváros’ home fans have to have their hands scanned with bio-metric technology from the company BioSec. The technology authenticates fans by identifying the unique array of veins in each person’s palm. Each fan’s hand scan is linked to an ID card, which the fan scans when entering the stadium. The benefit is that Ferencváros can be certain that hooligans who start fights are barred from future games. All home fans over age 16 are required to have their hands scanned to buy tickets. Supporters of visiting teams don’t have to have their hands scanned, but they must bring their supporters card, which is issued by their home team.

Ferencváros’ ultras, a group of hardcore fans, has boycotted all home games this fall, claiming the technology is an invasion of privacy. So far Ferencváros is the only Hungarian soccer team to use the technology but ultras from a variety of Hungarian teams protested the technology in front of Hungary’s parliament in late October.

via photo: Bernadett Szél – Reuters (via