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FAZ-interview: "We Do Not Want Hungary To Become A Multicultural Society"


The co-existence of cultures is always risky, especially when it comes to Islam and Christianity. Hungary has not assumed that risk and will not assume it in the future either, Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán told German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) in an interview. “We do not want Hungary to become a multicultural society”, Orbán insisted. Hungary does respect that other countries like France or Germany go their own way in this matter but at the same time Hungary’s own way shall be respected as well, he added.

Asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit to Hungary, Orbán said that “the reciprocally beneficial integration of Russian raw materials and energy into the European economy” is in the interest of Hungary and Europe as a whole, otherwise “we will become the servants of two new emerging powers”, he said. Irrespective of the current “concrete and serious” conflict between Europe and Russia, cooperation is of key importance, Orbán told FAZ.  Asked if he still believed that the “West has shot itself in the foot” with the sanctions against Russia, Orbán said, “I have promised my counterparts in the European Union that, irrespective of what I think about this, I will not declare my thoughts on this anymore.”

Viktor Orbán spoke about the Russian relations to the Hungarian media as well. Hungary needs to conclude a flexible agreement with Russia concerning gas supplies, and the deal should not necessarily be long-term but flexible time-wise, the prime minister told to news channel HírTV. The agreement to replace the current one which expires this year should be negotiated with respect to uncertainties around oil and gas prices in the long run, he said.

On the subject of European Union-Russia ties Viktor Orbán said that Hungary should seek to maintain the “most fair and balanced relations possible” with Russia. He added that this was his reason for inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin for a visit to Budapest later this month. “We want long-term security, calm and peace for Hungary,” Orbán said, adding that the central European nations should seek with two powers, Germany and Russia, “friendly, balanced, and fair relations ensuring mutual benefits.”

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