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Fatal Accident: Two Planes Crashed Near By Gödöllő Airport in Hungary

Robert Velkey 2016.09.19.

Four people died on the 18th of September, Sunday when two small planes crashed in the sky not far from the city of Gödöllő.

The two planes, a Cessna 182 and a Piper-28 got in the accident between Gödöllő and Isaszeg. One of the planes fall on the Arboretum of Gödöllő. The wrecks of the other plane were found in the forest.


According to the Transportation Safety Bureau of Hungary one of the planes (Piper-28) transported jumpers but fortunately they jumped before the accident happened. On the other plane’s (Cessna 182) board there were two adults and a child. All of the four people on board of both plane died in the accident.

On Sunday, a jumper-tournament was held at Gödöllő. The Piper-28 might let the jumpers jump and then turned back to landing when they crashed with the Cessna 182. The Cassna 182 may entered the detached airspace.


According to an aviation expert, György Pető there is going to be a long investigation and examination.

The National Transport Authority recanted the running permission of the Airport of Gödöllő.

via: hirado.hu; index.hu;

photos: hirado.hu; 24.hu; index.hu

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