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The Fastest 12-Year-Old is Hungarian

admin 2014.09.03.

Dominik Illovszky is currently the fastest 12-year-old on 60 meters with a time of 07:26, set on August 22 on Honvéd’s training ground. Illovszky’s record is remarkable, although unfortunately not official. He beat the previous record of Alex Kiwonya, once a British runner, now footballer for Chelsea U21.

There are great traditions to athletics and football in the young Illovsky’s family, with ties to former Vasas and national coach Rudolf Illovszky, but for now Dominik is interested in athletics. While he is still to decide his specialty, he continues to experiment with long jumps and combined events like pentathlon.

Dominik’s coach is 20 time Hungarian sprint champion Irma Könye thinks that he is at his best when sprinting, but for his continued development Dominik should continue to experiment with other events, giving unique experience, useful even in sprints. “I had to teach him how to start. He is a born sprinter, and can implement anything I say to him”, says the coach.

There could be great achievements ahead of Dominik Illovszky, but his coach is understandable very protective of him. “We have to climb every step and have to remain calm. I train him with his age in mind. He is clever enough to know how to handle outide pressure”, says Könye.

via Sportgéza, photo by Iván Kovács