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Farm Ministry: Serbia Lifts Hungarian Pork Ban

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.10.07.

Serbia has reopened its market to Hungarian unprocessed pork after a ban was placed due African swine fever (ASF) being detected in the country in April 2018, the farm ministry said on Saturday.

The Hungarian veterinary authority conducted a year-long negotiation with its Serbian counterpart on instituting regional exemptions to the ban with a view to containing the economic damage, the ministry said. Accordingly, Hungarian companies operating outside the infected regions are now allowed to export to Serbia, it said.

Previous agreements avoided bans in Albania, Georgia and Hong Kong, while partial restrictions applied in the case of exports to Chile, Canada, the US, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Singapore and Vietnam, the ministry said.

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Talks with Serbia are under way to expand export permissions for processed pork products and live hogs, the statement said. The veterinary authority is also pursuing talks with South Korea, Japan and other countries to achieve similar agreements to the Serbian one, it added.

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