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Farm Minister Orders Investigation After Reports On Poor Quality Food Products Retail Chains Sell To Hungarians

Tamás Székely 2017.02.21.

Sándor Fazekas, the Hungarian farm minister, has ordered Hungarian food safety authority Nébih to conduct an inspection comparing the quality of identically-branded products available at domestic and foreign retail stores to reveal if there are any differences, the ministry’s state secretary for supermarket oversight said.

Sándor Fazekas (photo: nol.hu)

Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Sándor Fazekas expects the inspection will be made public by the middle of March (photo: nol.hu)

The inspection will involve 100 products from all sectors of the food industry and include a comparison of ingredients and sensory tests, Róbert Zsigó told a press conference. The first results of the inspection are expected to be made public by the middle of March, he said.

Government office chief János Lázár told a weekly press briefing last week that the government must examine the issue of inferior quality products sold by multinational companies in Hungary from the point of consumer protection and food safety. He said he was appalled by a report by Nébih comparing 24 sample products sold in Austria and Hungary. The report confirmed allegations that the companies are trying to sell “food-industry rubbish” in Hungary, Lázár said.

via hungarymatters.hu and MTI; photo: aranyoldalak.hu