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Famous Hungarian Nomad Gergő Balázs Gecse Killed While Traveling in France

Fanni Kaszás 2018.09.24.

Gergő Balázs Gecse has died in a road accident as a result of being struck by a 90-year-old driver in France.

According to the French press, the driver claimed to be blinded by the sun and unable to see Gecse in the road. The accident occurred Sunday morning in the south-east of France, near Villard-Bonn. Prior to the accident, the 32-year old had been living a nomadic lifestyle traveling around Europe with his ox-wagon, dog, cows and two goats since 2004.

A French couple – both former friends of Gecse’s and fellow nomads – revealed that his animals are temporarily being taken care of. Gecse’s lifestyle was documented in the short film below: