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Govt’s Family Protection Action Plan Comes into Force

Zsófia Nagy-Vargha 2019.07.01.

Ever since the prime minister’s announcement in February, there has been constant interest in the “Family Protection Action Plan,” according to Secretary of State Katalin Novák. She also expressed her hope that everyone would be able to make good use of the support. The first four elements of the plan are available from today, including the interest-free loan of over € 30,000 for married couples, the extension of the home purchase subsidy “CSOK,” and the subsidy for vehicle purchase with at least seven seats.

Mothers with at least four children will be lifelong exempted from income tax, and by 2022 the number of available kindergarten places will match the number of children who would attend. In addition, grandparents looking after their grandchildren, will receive financial support from the state.

Any first-time marrying woman under the age of 40 will be entitled to a 10 million forint loan (31,417 euros) interest- free.

These four points are part of a so-called 7-point action plan, announced by PM Orbán in February. From today, families with at least three children are entitled to receive a state subsidy of 2.5 million forints (7,835 euros) for  a vehicle (with at least seven seats) purchase. After the second child, one-third of the loan and after the third, the entire loan is made available. In addition, the loan programs for the purchase of flats will be extended and guarantees will be partially (depending on the number of children) taken over by the state.

Hungarian Gov’t Aims to Create Baby Boom with Generous Financial Help

“We expect a great deal of interest, and hopefully there won’t be disruptions and claims can be filed smoothly,” Novák told Kossuth Rádió. In an earlier interview, she stressed that the government is now implementing a tax system that focuses on families and at the same time launching housing programs.

“Our endeavor is to promote ownership, so that young families be able to purchase a home or existing families be able to afford a larger one with the growth of their family. The measures primarily target women. This applies to tax exemptions, kindergartens, and return to work. In this way, we want to recognize mothers’ accomplishments.”

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Translation by Ábrahám Vass
featured image: Pixabay

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