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Family Organization Starts New Initiative Encouraging Municipalities to Display ‘Baby Flags’

Hungary Today 2020.08.25.

After tensions have been running high in Hungary due to some local governments displaying the rainbow flag on public buildings, and some far-right political forces having removed those with the government taking a stance against the LGBTQ movement, the ‘Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation’ announced its new initiative encouraging municipalities to show their support for the birth of wanted babies by hanging a “baby flag” at mayors’ offices.

In a statement, the foundation’s leader, Fruzsina Skrabski, said that “it is vital for the whole country and for our own happiness that children who are planned for and wanted are born.”

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“The Three Princes and Three Princesses Movement has a five-party support, so it is a national matter, a national minimum that wanted babies are born, ” she emphasized.

In an interview with pro-government news site Mandiner, Skrasbski, however, refuted claims that their initiative would be a response to the rainbow flag and the political debate surrounding it. “It is a good marketing idea, that’s all. We don’t want to go against anything, we just put our own suggestion next to it,” Skrabski said.


Established in 2009, ‘The Three Princes, Three Princesses Foundation’ is a well-known family organization and movement in Hungary which aims to support young adults in accomplishing their dreams of having children. The name is both a clear reference to fairy tales, where the heroes are often third-born princes or princesses, and to the movement’s goal that more families have three or more children.

By placing a baby flag at the mayor’s office on Monday, Csepel’s Fidesz mayor joined the new initiative. His action, however, is a clear answer to the current political debate surrounding the rainbow flag.

Csepel Önkormányzata csatlakozik a Három Királyfi, Három Királylány Mozgalom kezdeményezéséhez.A mai napon a…

Közzétette: Borbély Lénárd – 2020. augusztus 24., hétfő

After displaying the flag, Lénárd Borbély justified his decision on social media by stating that instead of the rainbow flag, the municipality wanted to send the message that they believe in “the thriving of the nation, in the family, in the birth of children.”

Borbély emphasized that “bedroom secrets are everyone’s private matter, it cannot be the subject of propaganda. We respect the dignity of all people.”

But the leader of Csepel added that “We believe that the family is based on the union of a man and a woman, and having children means happiness and a future.”

Featured photo via Lénárd Borbély’s official Facebook page

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