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Family Drama Claims Three Lives

Ábrahám Vass 2019.12.16.

A man who was just released from jail for attacking his wife, brutally killed two of his children before taking his own life yesterday in Győr.

In May 2016, the father of three, aged 35, was sentenced to five years in a high-security prison for attacking his sleeping wife with a hammer in their Szombathely home -so brutally that the handle broke during the beating.

He moved to Győr a few months ago after being released for good behavior. His children came to see him for the first visitation since he had gone to jail. He, however, due to unknown reasons, beat his 13-year-old step daughter and 10-year-old son to death, then hanged himself. The man didn’t hurt the third child, a six-year old girl who then called for help.

On Monday, probably due to the uproar, the Szombathely Court issued a statement. In the detailed communiqué, the Court mentioned that the prosecutor moved to terminate the right of  custody but the process would have been too lengthy, a ruling which was also later upheld by the Győr Court of Appeal. In addition, the statement also reveals that from 2014, the marriage between the man and his wife (the victim of the 2016 case) had disintegrated, “partly due to the victim’s extramarital relationship.” This relationship his wife was allegedly having eventually led the man to the decision to kill her (resulting in the prison term). The communiqué also refers to the mother, who later intervened in the interest of the imprisoned father and argued that he had behaved as a good parent.

Image by police.hu

It also cites the forensic psychologist who had written in his opinion that “There are no doubts about the sincerity of the attachment. At the moment, there are no abnormalities in the personality of the father that would make him unfit for parenthood. He is positive, optimistic.”

featured image by MTI/Csaba Krizsán