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No More Fake Singing On The Stage? Lip Syncing May Be Prohibited

By Robert Velkey // 2017.03.29.

Egon Póka, the former bass player of the Hobo Blues Band and the director of the Music Studio of Kőbánya has initiated a rule against playback sing.

This is not a new move, as the prohibition was declared in a regulation by the elected body of the representatives of Kőbánya five years ago. Moreover, other smaller cities, such as Eger, also have banned lip syncing.


The idea supposedly came to Egon Pókai’s mind after a May Day (May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on May 1 , with concerts and little fairs all around in Hungary), where the performers didn’t sing but lip synced. Póka believes that, by doing this, the singers short-change the audience who are paying for a real music and concert experience. The bass player’s outcry is understandable, because he was the co-founder of and member of the Hobo Blues Band, and has played in numerous groups. Currently, he is the director of, and teacher at, the well-known Music Studio of Kőbánya. He founded the Kőbánya Blues festival as well.

The topic of the prohibition is certainly topical, as the time of summer festivals is coming.

Playback and lip syncing originated in the “disco-age,” when the bands that performed from party to party could solve the performances easier and faster with this trick. The most well-known band that lip synced regularly on stage is Boney M.