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Facebook Removes Hungarian Coronavirus Skeptic Pages

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.09.25.

Facebook has banned some of Hungary’s most notable virus denier, virus skeptic, and anti-mask groups from its platform. The removal includes pharmacist-influencer Dr. Gődény’s group called ‘Adherents to Normal Life,’ and Scientology-linked physician Gábor Lenkei’s page.

György Gődény, who often appears in the media and has become one of the most notable figures among COVID skeptics, told his followers about the removal of his social media group called ‘Adherents to Normal Life’ in a Facebook post. In this, the once pharmacist turned vlogger Gődény, likens the situation to the ‘night of the long knives‘ when Hitler killed his rivals.

Dr. Gődény was also one of the main organizers of the recently held demonstration in Budapest against the government’s measures to counter the novel coronavirus’s spread.

Coronavirus Skeptics Protest against Covid-19 Restrictions in Budapest
Coronavirus Skeptics Protest against Covid-19 Restrictions in Budapest

Hundreds of people showed up in Liberty Square in Budapest on Friday to demonstrate against the government’s measures to counter the spread of the novel coronavirus. A demonstration under the name of COVID 9.11 was held by coronavirus skeptics on Friday in Liberty Square (Szabadság tér) in Budapest. Around 800-1000 people attended the event while […]Continue reading

Gábor Lenkei’s page, on which he openly talked about his commitment to Scientology, had a similar fate. During the first wave of the virus in spring, Lenkei, who was a doctor but for years has been running a vitamin business, claimed that he could even bathe in a tub of coronavirus, and nothing would happen to him. Facebook has also deleted the anti-mask ‘Apaszív Association’s page.

The bans could be due to Facebook’s new, recently announced guidelines that aim to restrict the activities of organizations that provide medical advice or incite violence through the platform, according to 24.hu.

With these removals, Facebook is trying to slow down the spread of fake news regarding the novel coronavirus and the future vaccine.

Featured photo illustration via Youtube