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This Eye-Catching Animated Short Tells The Story Of An Exploded Hungarian World War Two Ship – Video!

Tamás Székely 2016.11.09.

Hungarian film-maker Zoltán Áprily and illustrator András Baranyai have created an eye-catching animated short about the tragedy of an almost forgotten Hungarian ship named “Ungvár”, news portal reported. In this story the name does not refer to the one-time Hungarian town located in Kárpátalja region (today’ Transcarpathia region in Ukraine) but to the name of the ship that was exploded and sunk in the Black Sea during Second World War.


The story of the 10-minute animation is centered around a young Hungarian, János Hermely, who was the grandfather of the film’s director Zoltán Áprily. With full of hope for adventure, János served as a waiter on Ungvár, one of those ships Hungary leased to Nazi Germany in 1941. The ship that previously served commercial purposes on the river Danube was converted to military use and packed full with weapons and gasoline. Heading towards the Eastern front through the Black Sea, Ungvár was destroyed by naval mines on 9th of November 1941.


Only six of the 40-strong crew survived the explosions, including the young waiter. Director Zoltán Áprily said that in the beginning he wanted to pay tribute to his grandfather with a documentary movie, but later he changed his mind and rather made an animated short, because he felt that this genre is more suitable for reconstructing a spectacular story. Ungvár was published first at the Encounters film festival in Bristol back in September, but now everyone can watch it online free until midnight tomorrow:

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