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Extension of Budapest’s M2 Metro Line: Construction Could Start in 2021

Fanni Kaszás 2018.01.04.

Plans for a new metroline to Rákoskeresztúr (XVII. district) are being prepared and an engineering office has already released study plans in November last year – writes Világgazdaság, quoting Rákosmenti Hírek. According to Levente Riz, Mayor of the district, four alternative routes are in competition for the three new metro stations of the extended M2 metro line and constructions could start in 2021.

The Mayor presented the upcoming developments, future plans and tasks related to the complete transformation of Örs vezér Square  a the extension of M2 metro line to Rákoskeresztúr (XVII. district). The first phase of the construction, an underground station connecting M2 metro line with the Csömör and Gödöllő suburban railway lines would be completed by 2020, meanwhile the plans for the second phase, three new stations for the metro line, are in preparation.

Engineers estimated the new stops to cost around HUF 123-127 billion (EUR 400-410 million). The XVII. district is the farthest from downtown Budapest, but with the new branch line, Déli Railways Station could be reached in 32 minutes instead of the current 47 minutes, while the way to Örs Vezér Square would be 13 minutes.

XVI. and XVII. district provided the funds for the feasibility study and the plans for the construction together with the Capital Assembly in 2015. In November 2017, an engineer office delivered the study plan and Riz presented the details of this first plan on the meeting. The future of the project depends on the funds from the government and the European Union.

plans for Örs Vezér Square underground, link between the metro and suburban railway (photo: bkk.hu)

Previously, the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) prepared several studies on the extension of Budapest’s metro lines, including the above mentioned new branch line of M2 metro line and the extension of M1 metro line in downtown Budapest to Vigadó Square and in Zugló to Hungária körút by the M3 motorway.

In addition, plans for the eastern extension of M4 are ready to Bosnyák Square, but it was later cancelled because of a new plan for a tramline on Thököly Street. However, according to Index this may soon change, in view of the construction of the super hospital in Budaörs. The news portal writes that BKK is preparing plans for the western extension of M4 metro line.

Earlier, the extension of the M3 line was also planned and for a while it seemed to be possible that the construction can start at the same time as the M3 refurbishment. According to the plans, passengers of the metro line would have been able to travel to the Airport directly.

Meanwhile, the Mór Balázs plan, transport strategy of the capital until 2030, includes the following constructions:

  • extension of M1 metro line at both ends
  • M2 metro line connected to the suburban railway lines at Örs Vezér Square
  • extension of M3 metro line to Káposztásmegyer
  • a fifth metro line, which would be the extension of Csepel and Ráckeve suburban railway lines to Astoria


via bkk.hu, Rákosmenti Pirítós, index.hu, mno.hu, budapest.hu

featured photo: Design plan, Rákosfalva metro station (bkk.hu)

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