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Explore District VI Using an Interactive Online Map!

Fanni Kaszás 2018.11.08.

A well-drawn map of Terézváros (Budapest’s District VI) shows the territory’s iconic buildings in detail, enabling visitors to find out more information via pictures and small descriptions. The map includes parts of the city that belong to the so-called ‘party district,’ along with beautiful Andrássy Avenue and Pest Broadway.

In addition to the map, visitors can click on each building—including the Anker House, the Opera, the House of Terror and the Nyugati Railway Station—to see pictures and read fun facts and short descriptions about the local history, the architects and the dates of construction.

In 1777, Terézváros was named after Queen Maria Theresa who visited the neighborhood 26 years earlier in 1751. People inhabited the lands outside the city in the early 18th century as the inner districts (primarily today’s downtown Budapest) became far too crowded. Today, Terézváros is the second smallest and second most populated district following Erzsébetváros.

Parts of Terézváros belong to the party district and the section around Nagymező street is called Pest Broadway—best known for its theatres and music. Several museums and nightclubs are located there along with the Opera, Operetta Theatre and the Academy of Music.