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Expats in Hungary Sing Famed Hungarian Song in Tribute to Host Country

Hungary Today 2020.05.19.

A group of foreigners living in Hungary made a video while singing famed Hungarian band, Locomotiv GT’s iconic song “Neked írom a dalt” (I Write A Song For You) in a tribute to their “host” country.

The video, featuring seventeen singers from ten different countries (Turkey, Pakistan, India, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, Serbia, and Poland), was uploaded to Youtube on Friday, with the accompanying text: “Dear Hungarians! We are in this with you. Your expats and foreigners living in HU.”

“With this project, we as a group of foreigners living in Hungary, want to express our solidarity with our Hungarian friends, colleagues, neighbours, and hosts with whom we are going through these difficult times together. This crisis is a struggle for many, and we hope that such a gesture of kindness could lift some spirits. We also want to show that Hungary is colourful, diverse and draws from the skills and personalities of many –and that it is important, particularly in difficult times, that we stick together,” one of the creators told, revealing that the works were arranged remotely, through social media.

The recording was most likely inspired by a similarly-themed video of 43 Hungarian artists produced at the end of March, that aimed to thank those working and being out there during the coronavirus lockdown.

featured image via Youtube