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Expanding Winery In The Eger Wine Region: The Rise Of The Juhász Brothers

Robert Velkey 2016.07.18.

The world-famous historical wine district of Eger is situated about 120 km east of Budapest, on the southern foothills of the Bükk mountains in Hungary. In the centre of this picturesque countryside, two generations of the Juhász family have grown grapes and produced wine. Their winery, which dates back to the 1700s, can be found among the famous, historical wine cellars of the well known Szépasszonyvölgy (Valley of the Beautiful Women).


The Tavern Of The Juhász Brothers In The Valley Of the Beautiful Women

The Juhász Brothers Cellars in Hungary’s Eger wine-growing region laid the cornerstone of a 1.5 billion forint (EUR 4.76m) vintners’ centre in Egerszalók, northern Hungary. The brand-new centre will use hyper-reduction technology and has a laboratory as well as an electropneumatic filling line and labeller. It will have a 3,000sqm warehouse, and its office will double as a presentation area. The investment is expected to be completed in two years to keep on the rise of production.


Bottles of the Juhász Brother are ready to export or to open

Last year, Juhász Brothers Cellars sold 2 million bottles of wine, generating revenue of 1.5 billion forints. Exports made up about 10% of sales. This year, the cellars aim to sell 2.5 million bottles of wine.

If you have the possibility, try the Rosé of the Juhász Brothers. It is an amazing sparking light wine what is one of the most desired wine by the costumers every year.


The sparking Rosé of Juhász Brothers

via: hungarymatters.hu; juhaszbor.hu
photos: juhaszbor.hu; nullahategy.hu; koktelblog.reblog.hu