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List Of Hungaricums Expanded: Erős Pista, Törley And Bükkalja Added To Collection Of Unique Hungarian Values

By Robert Velkey // 2016.06.21.

Hungaricum means a thing or phenomenon that is unique to Hungary and therefore represents great value for the Hungarians. The term comes from the combination of the words Hungary or Hungaria and “unikum”, meaning “unique” in Hungarian.

The collection of hungaricums and Hungarian values have been expanded, as new products and places have been added to the list of protected values. On the 17th of June 2016, Sándor Fazekas, Hungary’s Minister of Agriculture, announced the additions after the Hungaricum Committee’s meeting on Friday.

Have a look at the brand-new Hungaricums here:

  • The Hungarian dulcimer


  • The Törley champagne


  • Piros Arany (a condiment made of quality paprika)


  • Erős Pista (made of hot paprika)


  • The culture stone of Bükkalja


The Collection of Hungaricums now proudly lines up 60 items, while the Collection of Hungarian Values include 143 items specific to Hungary.