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Exhibition Opened About The Polish Lifesavers During The Holocaust

Robert Velkey 2016.11.23.

A temporary exhibition dubbed “Risking their lives – Poles saving Jewish people during the Holocaust” was opened in the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Budapest. The exhibition was organized by the Polish embassy and the Polish Institute in Budapest and assembled by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Polin Museum) and the Polish Foreign Ministry.


At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, a discussion was held about the rescue of Polish and Hungarian Jews living in rural areas. Anna Stróz, acting director of the Museum of Poles Saving Jews in World War II, gave a presentation about a museum in Markowa named after the Ulma Family, martyrs to the cause of saving Jews. Wiktoria Ulma was hiding 8 Jewish people, a family and 4 more other persons, in spite of that she knew, she risks her life with this act. The murder of the Ulma family – an entire family that was killed together with the Jews they were hiding – has become a symbol of Polish sacrifice and martyrdom during the German occupation.


Jarosław Bajaczyk, vice-president of the Polish Institute in Budapest, who opened the exhibition, compared the Polin Museum in Warsaw and the Ulma Museum in Markowa. He described the former as a huge museum with great financial investments and the latter as a small one employing only a few people.

The exhibition can be visited until the end of the year and it shows the lifesavers on 18 panels.