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An exhibition on Hungarian help to East German refugees 30 years ago opened in the Hungarian National Museum on Thursday.

‘Hundreds of East Germans came to get through the border. I only had minutes to decide whether I would stop them or not. I think I made the right choice’

Organised by the museum and the Hungarian Charity Service of The Order of Malta, the photographs, artefacts and documents on display cover the history of the refugee camp set up in a Budapest churchyard on August 14 and the events that led to the opening of Hungary’s western borders to East Germans heading for the West in September.

‘Forced Foreign Ideology Became Too Much for East Germans’ – Interview on the Pan-European Picnic with Father Imre Kozma

German charge d’affaires Klaus D. Streicher noted that the charity and other helpful civil organisations provided care for 48,600 refugees over three months in the refugee camp that operated next to Zugliget church.

Featured photo illustration by Tamás Lobenwein – Norbert Lobenwein/Pan-European Picnic ‘89 Foundation