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Exhibition on 125-year-old Budapest Millennium Underground Opens in Bucharest

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.05.05.

An exhibition marking the 125th inauguration anniversary of the Budapest Millennium Underground, the first metro line of continental Europe, opened in Bucharest on Wednesday, the organiser told MTI.

The exhibition displays the history of the metro line, the third of the time after New York and London, on images mounted at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in the Romanian capital, the institute said in a statement. It was opened by József Szentes, the former CEO of the Romanian State Railways.

The residents of Budapest could first travel on the Underground, completed for Hungary’s millennial anniversary in 1896, on May 2 in that year. It was inaugurated by Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph, King of Hungary, who came to Budapest to attend the World Fair the Hungarian capital hosted that year.

Budapest Metro Line 1 Upgrade Plans to Be Completed Soon
Budapest Metro Line 1 Upgrade Plans to Be Completed Soon

The plans for the upgrade of Budapest’s metro line 1 are nearing completion, Gergely Karácsony, the city’s mayor, said on Monday, adding that the project would require cooperation between the metropolitan council and the government. Addressing an event marking the 125th anniversary of the metro line’s inauguration, Karácsony said that an extension to the line […]Continue reading

The then 3.7km long metro line was built in a record 21 months. The Millennium Underground together with Andrássy Avenue were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002.

on the featured image: metro car in the Millennium Underground Museum in Budapest; via Zoltán Nagy/MTVA