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Exemplary Solidarity: 70 Million Forints Collected To The Victims Of The Hungarian Bus Crash


Over 70 million forints (€225.000) was collected in donations from individuals and organisations in Hungary by the Hungarian Interchurch Aid to support the injured survivors and families of the victims who died in the tragic Verona bus crash ten days ago.


László Lehel, head of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, said thank you for the exemplary solidarity shown by the people (photo:

László Lehel, head of the charity organisation, expressed their thankfulness at a press conference on Tuesday, informing reporters about the details of the collecting process and the way the Interchurch Aid is channeling the donations to the victims. More than 5 thousand donations were made in ten days, ranging from few hundreds to millions of forints, he said. Most of the donations were made by individuals, however, many companies also contributed to the cause.

The Interchurch Aid said it sent the money directly to the families of the victims. Every family involved in the tragedy will receive support, but the sum varies depending on the degree of loss or damage they suffered. The donation program still continues: one can send money either on the Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s website or directly to the following Hungarian bank account: 11705008-20464565 with description „Buszbaleset” (“Bus accident”).

The horrible crash, which claimed the lives of 11 teenagers and five adults, occurred on January 20th, on the outskirts of Verona. The students, returning from a school ski trip in France, were from Szinyei Merse Pál Secondary School in Budapest. According to the latest reports, Italian police have charged the driver of the bus with vehicular homicide.

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