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Éva Risztov Wins Silver at Berlin Euro Swimming Championships

admin 2014.08.13.

London Olympic champion Éva Risztov opened the 2014 LEN European Swimming Championships in Berlin with a silver medal, reported telesport. Risztov came second at the 10km open water competition with a time of 1:56:08, while fellow Hungarian Anna Olasz finished fifth, Nikolett Szilágyi fifteenth.


The LEN European Swimming Championships takes place just south of Berlin, in Grünau, where swimmers compete for nearly two weeks in front of a picturesque landscape. For the 10km open water competition swimmers did four 2500m rounds, as Éva Risztov from Debrecen and Anna Olasz from Szeged managed to keep up with the leaders. In the final meters Olasz fell back, while on the last 200 meters Risztov gradually overtook everyone but the dutch Sharon von Rouwendal.

Complete report:
1  NED VAN ROUWENDAAL Sharon 1:56:06.9
2  HUN RISZTOV Eva 1:56:08.0
5  HUN OLASZ Anna 1:56:10.7
15  HUN SZILAGYI Nikolett 2:00’45.8


MTI photo: Anikó Kovács

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