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Eurovision 2016: Hungary’s Freddie Delivers Strong Semi-Finals Performance To Make Grand Final – Video!


Hungarian singer Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári, known by his stage name Freddie, has made it into the European song contest’s top twenty, securing his place at Eurovision 2016’s finals on Saturday, 14 May.

His song “Pionner” made it into the top ten on Tuesday evening at the first semi-finals of the 17th Eurovision festival in Stockholm, Sweden, out of a eighteen-member field on the basis of a combination of points given by the professional jury and the audience. Freddie was the fourth performer to take to Globe Arena’s stage yesterday night and received rambling applause from the audience.

“We were all thrilled, we did everything we could. We brought all the energy we had – that is how our song works. I hope a lot of you could feel that. I did what I could to raise the Hungarian flag as high as I could”, Freddie said after the first semi-final. He also had a message for the Hungarian people: “I thank them all to be able for being here because this is an ultimate honour and I hope a lot of them are currently proud of us, this is the most important thing for me. But we still have a lot to do until Saturday.”

Freddie became famous in Hungary in 2014 after participating in the talent show Rising Star. In February this year, he won the Hungarian national final “A Dal” (The Song) with his song Pioneer, with top marks from both the public and the professional jury. Despite his recent successes, he still is the same modest and humble man who only cares about singing his heart out to the audience. After the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Freddie is going to work on his first album.