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European Secularist Group Launches Campaign To Strip Hungary Of EU Voting Rights

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.10.07.

A Brussels-based group of secularist left-liberal intellectuals has launched a signature collection campaign to have Hungary stripped of its right to vote as a member state of the European Union.

The European Humanist Federation (EHF), an umbrella organisation of 55 humanist and secularist organisations from 22 European countries, launched an European citizens’ initiative on 2 October, calling for the European Union to implement Article 7 against Hungary, under which the country would be stripped from its right to vote in the EU. For the initiative to be successful, it must be supported by at least one million EU citizens from seven of the community’s 28 member states. The Commission has until the end of November to decide on accepting the signature collection campaign.

EHF president Pierre Galand

The anti-Christian, atheistic left-wing group is led by Pierre Galand, a member and advisor for Belgium’s Socialist Party. The group is linked to European left-wing and far-left parties, as well as civil liberties organisations bankrolled by Hungarian-American financier George Soros. Based on a number of sources, the organisation champions issues identical to objectives pursued by Soros-linked groups, such as calling for the complete separation of state and religion, the global protection of atheists’ rights, women’s rights and violence against women, equality of opportunity, pro-abortionism, strengthening the network of human rights activists and demanding the recognition of gay marriage.

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photo: act4democracy.eu