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European Parliament to Debate the Situation in Hungary

Fanni Kaszás 2019.01.10.

Several issues concerning Hungary — including the recent amendments to the labor code — will be included in the European Parliament’s (EP) plenary agenda in Brussels at the end of January. The decision was made by the Conference of Presidents, the EU body responsible for the organization of Parliament, its administrative matters and agenda.

The debate was initiated by the Green party following several of the latest Hungarian events including the amendments to the Hungarian labor code, protests and the establishment of a system of independent administrative courts. The plenary session will be held on 30 January.

Green Party MEP Judith Sargentini, author of the report on Hungary which calls for the launch of an Article 7 procedure, said it is necessary to put Hungarian issues on the agenda because

the situation is getting worse every day in Hungary. All European citizens are equal, including the Hungarians, with the same rights to democracy and the rule of law. Democracy is dying in Hungary; we have to do everything we can to bring it life and support the Hungarians against the obsession of their authoritarian leader.

Sargentini called on the member states of the European Union to stand against the violation of the rule of law and common fundamental values in Hungary and to stand up for the rights of the Hungarians.