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European Left Politicians in Budapest Warn against Rise of Far-Right

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.10.

A Party of the European Left delegation on Saturday called for Europe to unite against the mounting strength of the far right.

After meeting representatives of NGOs and political parties, French Communist Party representative Cecile Dumas told a news conference held on the banks of the Danube next to the Budapest Holocaust Memorial that the far-right should be prevented from spreading at all costs. Europeans need to be presented with a vision of hope that is not on the side of the far-right, she added.

Far-right Commemorates WW2 Event ‘Day of Honour’ in Budapest

Olga Athaniti of Greece’s Syriza said all forms of fascism had appeared in Greece’s history. She added that when the rights of a minority are lost, the majority would also be affected soon afterwards.

Helmut Scholz of Die Linke said if fascism made an appearance, this was evidence that civil rights were not being upheld.

Attila Vajnai of the Hungarian Workers’ Party 2006 said parties should set aside their disagreements and work together to prevent fascism from re-emerging in society. “It’s important for Hungarian society to unite against an infection that is far more dangerous and more fatal than coronavirus.”

Featured photo illustration by Tamás Kovács/MTI