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The European Citizens Of Hungary: Archeologist And Charity Head Awarded

Robert Velkey 2016.06.06.

This year, two Hungarians of outstanding accomplishments have been selected for the European Citizens’ Prize.

Imre Kozma, leader and co-founder of the Hungarian Maltese Charity, and Balázs Major, archaeologist and historian, have been selected to be among the 50 recipients of the European Parliament’s European Citizens’ Prize this year, the EP’s Budapest information office said. The catholic priest and the professor of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University have been chosen  for the Prize this year.


Major Balázs régész, 15 éve kutat Szíriában

The EP has awarded the annual prize since 2008 to individuals and organisations for their outstanding achievement in contributing to promoting European values and mutual understanding within the EU and to strengthening integration among member states, the office said in a statement.

via: hungarymatters.hu; hirado.hu
photo: katolikus.sk; valasz.hu; portalgreece.gr