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Eurobarometer: Hungarians Most Concerned About Healthcare and Increasing Prices

Fanni Kaszás 2019.09.17.

The latest Eurobarometer survey, published by the European Commission (EC) in August shows a clear picture of the opinion of EU citizens on taxation. According to economic portal Adó.hu, EU citizens had to choose two issues they are most concerned about in their country. In Hungary, most respondents chose the rising prices and healthcare.

The Eurobarometer surveys are conducted several times a year, to show a current picture of the opinion of EU citizens on the recent issues of the European Union. The latest survey, conducted on the importance of taxation was published in August.

Respondents had to choose two issues or topics that they consider the most important in their countries. Six percent of the Hungarian citizens mentioned taxation, which is one per cent higher than the figures half a year ago, however, it is still way below of the 8-10 percent in the second half of the 2000s.

Considering to most important issues for the country itself, Hungarians mentioned healthcare as the most urgent topic with 45 per cent, followed by rising prices (32 per cent), pensions and immigration, both with 17 per cent.

In the European Union, 21 per cent of respondents mentioned healthcare, price increases and unemployment, while 17 per cent considered retirement as one of the two most important issues.

In international comparison, the interest of the Hungarian population in national tax matters was almost always below the EU average, but this difference was most significant in the years of the financial crisis.

Most Hungarians, a total of 36 per cent, mentioned the rising prices that concerns them in their own lives, followed by healthcare with 26 per cent. Respondents also think that the financial situation of the households (22 per cent) is one of the most important issues in the country and 19 per cent are concerned about the pension system.

Among other EU citizens, these issues were also the most frequently chosen, with the rising prices standing on 31 per cent, followed by health care (18 per cent), retirement (15 per cent) and the financial situation of the respondent’s household (13 per cent).