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Eurobarometer: Hungarians Disapprove of Corruption the Least in the EU

Ábrahám Vass 2020.06.12.

Hungarians disapprove of corruption the least in the EU, while 57% think it has increased over the past three years, according to the recent survey of Eurobarometer

While 69% of Europeans think corruption is “unacceptable,” only 38% of Hungarians think so. This matter is headed by the Portuguese, Finnish, and Spanish, while Hungary is only slightly preceded by the Latvians and the Czech Republic.

In addition, 87% of Hungarian think that corruption is totally “widespread” in Hungary (the EU average here is 71%), while 80% agree that there is corruption in the national public institutions (the EU average is 70%).

12% of Hungarians experienced corruption in the past 12 months, only Austrians and Croatians scored higher in this matter (where the EU average is 5%). However, 32% of Hungarians think that corruption affects their daily life, while 26% of Europeans think so.

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Moreover, 57% of Hungarians think that corruption has increased in the past three years in their country, with this score occupying the fifth place in this matter, while the EU average is 42%.

Meanwhile, despite the opposition’s efforts, the Hungarian government still strongly opposes joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO).

featured image: illustration; via Piaxabay