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Eurobarometer: Climate Change Priority for Hungarians Too

Ábrahám Vass 2019.12.03.

According to a fresh Eurobarometer survey, combating climate change should be the European Parliament’s top priority – a view also shared by Hungarians.

In total, some 27,565 European citizens were interviewed from the 28 EU Member States in September. Out of 19 possible options, 32% of them picked the fight against climate change and preserving the environment as the most important issue for MEPs to address (followed by tackling social exclusion and poverty, and combating terrorism and organized crime). 30% of Hungarian respondents agreed.

Pollsters also asked respondents which environmental concern is the most pressing. 52% of Europeans believe it is climate change, followed by air pollution (35%), marine pollution (31%), deforestation and the growing amount of waste (both 28%). Hungarian respondents reflected this trend as well, with 45% deeming climate change as the most important one among the environmental issues.

In addition, 59% of Europeans highlight youth-led climate protests as great influencers to politicians. Hungarians, just as 19 other EU countries’ citizens, think that these demonstrations have more impact on political measures in the EU than in their own countries (58% think they make an impact in Hungary, while 67% think that in the EU).

Thousands Participate at 4th Climate Strike

What is more, the poll found that climate change already was the 2nd most important reason for people to vote at the EP elections in March 2019.

featured image: illustration- activists of Extinction Rebellion at the 4th Climate Strike in Budapest; via Fridays For Future- Facebook