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Euro 2016: Austria’s Hungarian-Born Defender Would Sing Both National Anthems

Tamás Székely 2016.06.10.

György Garics, the Hungarian-born right back of the Austrian national football teams said he would go through a special moment ahead of the Euro 2016 clash of his beloved countries next Tuesday, especially when it comes to the national anthems.

“I already have strange feelings about it, I’ve never heard the Hungarian anthem on a football pitch before”, said Garics who was born in the town of Szombathely in Western Hungary but moved to Austria at the age of 14 to play for Rapid Vienna. “I will certainly sing the Austrian anthem and probably the Hungarian as well and I think no-one can blame me for that”, Garics said. “I hope we will make three points against Hungary, but after that I support them as well to advance. If I need to choose, I’d pick Austria beacuse I owe this country a lot as citizen as well as a footballer”, he added.

The right-back, who made his international debut for Austria 10 years ago, is expected to start on the bench.  However, he might be sent to the pitch at some stage, maybe against Hungary. Garics has had a solid season for Darmstadt in the German Bundesliga. He previously also played for Napoli, Bologna and Antalanta in the Italian league.