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EU Investigates Hungarian Government Suspension of Access to Transit Zones due to Coronavirus Threat

Fanni Kaszás 2020.03.03.

The European Commission is examining a measure announced this weekend concerning the transit zone, which states that Hungary will suspend asylum seekers’ access to transit zones indefinitely because of the risk of coronavirus infection, daily Népszava writes.

Adalbert Jahnz, European Commission spokesperson for migration, home affairs, and citizenship explained to the leftist newspaper that Member States’ steps to stop the spread of infection should be preceded by risk assessments and scientific advice. The measures shall be proportionate to the size of the threat and should also be coordinated with the other Member States. In addition, the provisions should be brought in line with the principle of the non-refoulement of asylum seekers and with EU asylum law.

Coronavirus: Hungary Suspends Migrant Entry to Transit Zone for Foreseeable Future

Jahnz added that the European Union, in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), does not recommend limiting travel due to coronavirus infection. Member States guarding the external borders of the Union may, however, refuse entry into their territory on grounds of public health. They may also reintroduce border control at internal borders of the Union, but they must inform the European Commission of the measures.

featured photo: illustration; via MTI