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Regarding Hungary and Poland’s veto of the European Union’s budget and recovery package, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio that “I don’t want to compromise … it’s about finding a solution.”

He said that the EU saw only pro-migration member states as adhering to the rule of law, who were ready to “turn their homelands into countries of immigration.”

Hungary will “resist and we will not accept financial repercussions,” Orbán said.

Orbán underlined that the EU budget and recovery fund cannot get off the ground without Hungary and Poland’s votes.

Our position is set in stone. I don’t want to compromise … it’s about finding a solution.”

The EU now should focus on granting the necessary funding for member states in need and to “get the seven-year budget off the ground,” Orbán said.

Hungary and Poland “have been saying since July” that the rule of law conditions cannot be tied to funding, he added.

Orbán-Morawiecki Meeting: Hungary and Poland Gov'ts Align Positions on EU Issues
Orbán-Morawiecki Meeting: Hungary and Poland Gov'ts Align Positions on EU Issues

Hungary will not accept any proposal on the European Union’s next multi-year budget and post-pandemic recovery fund that Poland deems unacceptable, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a press statement after talks with his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki on Thursday. Linking the political debate concerning the rule of law and the economic issue of managing […]Continue reading

Meanwhile, Orbán said “the protagonist, [financier] George Soros, is weaving his web in the background.”

Soros proposed as early as 2015-2016 that member states unwilling to accept migrants should be “punished financially”, Orbán said. Accepting the EU’s current proposal would mean “part of our budget could be taken away if we refuse to allow migrants in,” he said.

The European Parliament is now a sounding board for Soros’ proposal, Orbán said, adding “it was wrong of the European Council to bow to that pressure.”

Orbán: Europe 'Must Not Succumb to Soros Network'
Orbán: Europe 'Must Not Succumb to Soros Network'

Europe must not succumb to the Soros network, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote in an English-language post on his official website in reply to a recent article by financier George Soros. The prime minister wrote that many believed “economic criminal” Soros was not worthy of a response because his financial speculation had ruined the lives […]Continue reading

Asked if any attempt had been made to divide Hungary and Poland, Orbán said attempts were made to put a wedge between allied countries.

He added that central Europe, however, had huge potential thanks to its flourishing collaboration and countries in the region were defending their national sovereignty. “We’re able to protect our own countries from immigration,” he said. Western Europe, he said, was already composed of “immigrant countries”. Central Europe, too, is protecting Christian traditions and way of life, while the West “is already multicultural,” he said.

Orbán declared that central Europe is in the midst of a renaissance, and the next ten years would witness the cooperation of the central European states.

August 20 - Orbán: West 'Lost Its Appeal', Hungarians 'Champions of Survival'
August 20 - Orbán: West 'Lost Its Appeal', Hungarians 'Champions of Survival'

One hundred years after Hungary’s defeat in the first world war and the post-war Trianon Peace Treaty “we Hungarians stand on the stage of European history as the champions of survival”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the inauguration of the National Cohesion Memorial on Thursday. “There is no other nation in the world that […]Continue reading

Commenting on Project Syndicate’s decision not to publish the prime minister’s reply to Soros’ recent article on the left-wing website, Orban said their refusal was a sign of the state of freedom of opinion on the left. “There’s always space for their own voice; people who argue with them are silenced.”

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