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EP President, Italy’s Prime Minister Welcome Outcome Of Hungary’s Quota Referendum


The Hungarian government’s attempt to use the referendum with the aim of dominating domestic politics but at the same time to use it against the European Union as well, has failed, Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament said on Monday in Strasbourg. By staying away from the referendum, majority of the Hungarians “voted against this attempt”, the German Social-democrat politician said, adding that “we are grateful for this”. Schulz also said he saw a good chance for a dialog with those member states that still reject the European Union’s proposal on the resettlement of the asylum-seekers.

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi also welcomed the result of the Hungarian referendum. The leader of the left-wing Democratic Party said the EU’s migration policies will not change much in the wake of the referendum. “European egoism, however, is not only a Hungarian phenomenon”, he added. Deborah Serracchiani, vice-president of Renzi’s party, posted on Twitter that although Hungary’s referendum was invalid, the problem still remains.” “The policy of every country goes its own way will lead to the defeat of all”, she added. Fabrizio Cicchitto, prominent figure of the centre-right NCD party and head of the Italian Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs said the outcome of the Hungarian referendum is the failure of the “populist and racist” forces.

Meanwhile Paolo Grimoldi, secretary of the Italy’s right-wing Northern League party, took a completely different stance regarding Hungary’s migrant quota referendum. Grimoldi, who personally observed the vote on Sunday in Budapest, said the Hungarians gave a lecture on democracy to others, including the Italian government, which already let in the country 200 thousand migrants even without asking the opinion of the Italians themselves. Alessandro Pagano, MP for the Christian Democrats, said that after Brexit the Hungarian referendum is another “slap in the face” of the European Union. “The next one shall be the Italians who can say goodbye to their government that responsible for the migrant invasion”, Pagano said referring to a referendum on parliamentary reforms to be held in Italy on 4th of December 2016.

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