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Hungary’s ruling alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats won the absentee vote in the European Parliament election, the National Election Committee (NVB) announced on Monday.

Under Hungary’s election rules, citizens with a permanent address in Hungary who are not in the country on election day can go to the polls at Hungarian embassies and consulates. A total of 20,291 Hungarians had registered to vote abroad, of whom 17,551 showed up on election day.

Hungarians Outside EU Cast Votes for Fidesz

Of the citizens who voted abroad, 7,222 cast their votes for Fidesz, with the liberal Momentum Movement coming second with 5,078 votes. The leftist Democratic Coalition was third with 1,678 votes ahead of the Socialists-Párbeszéd alliance, which received 1,113. The satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party received 913 votes, LMP 700, nationalist Jobbik 400, the radical nationalist Mi Hazánk Movement 362 and the Hungarian Workers’ Party 19 votes.

The NVB is expected to confirm the final outcome of the election in the middle of this week based on the combined outcome of the votes sent by mail, absentee votes and the votes cast in Hungary.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI