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The Environmental Permit Is Now Valid To Build The New Blocks Of Paks Nuclear Power Plant


Attila Aszódi, government commissioner for the upgrade, said the environmental permit is now valid, and as the project received the site permit in March, work on obtaining the ultimate permit to build the blocks can now start.

Environmentalists Greenpeace Hungary and Energiaklub said they would launch a lawsuit to prevent the upgrade, a project which they see as hazardous to residents and the environment. They said that the Pest County Government Office had turned down their earlier appeal against the project’s environmental permit. They insisted that “a number of crucial issues”, such as the handling of radioactive waste and protecting residents, as well as contingency plans for acts of terrorism, sabotage or war were still unresolved. There are “no guarantees” that the plant, complete with two new blocks, would not overheat the river Danube, whose water is used in the plant’s cooling system, they said.


Meanwhile, parliament’s committee for sustainable development has approved the appointment of Paks mayor János Süli as minister without portfolio in charge of the Paks expansion.