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Coronavirus: Why Won’t Hungary Accept Foreign COVID Tests?

Sára Kata 2020.09.03.

The spokesman of the government information center (KTK) has identified unreliability and lack of accredited testing systems as reasons why only Hungarian tests are accepted when entering the country.

Örs Farkas was asked about why the government is not accepting tests carried out by other countries with acclaimed healthcare systems from people wanting to enter Hungary, to which he responded that it is a result of a lack of a unified, accredited system. Tests from other countries might not be carried out with the same accuracy and method as in Hungary. Also, he confirmed that there were malfunctions with the tests, so the government decided to issue stricter measures.

Meanwhile, after Monday’s last minute changes, people coming from V4 countries (Poland, Slovakia, Check Republic) and Hungarians arriving from these countries are allowed to cross the borders with one negative test less than five days old, issued by either of these countries.

Major Change: V4 Citizens with Negative Tests Allowed into Hungary after Sept 1
Major Change: V4 Citizens with Negative Tests Allowed into Hungary after Sept 1

Citizens of the other Visegrad Group countries will be allowed into Hungary after Sept. 1, if they can show negative coronavirus test results not older than five days, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in a post on Facebook on Monday. The Hungarian government is banning foreigners from entering the country from Sept. 1, in view […]Continue reading

Sportsmen from abroad can enter the country if they have two negative tests, not older than 5 days from entering Hungary. In this case, English-language tests are accepted as well. 48 hours must lapse between the tests. The UEFA’s guideline is also in effect – so football players can enter the country with one negative test, not older than three days.

Hungarian sportsmen returning to Hungary need two tests to leave quarantine, between which 24 hours must pass. Apart from that, they can only leave quarantine to train, but their club must provide a safe method of transportation.

Featured photo illustration by Csaba Krizsán/MTI