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Enough Of Crying “In The Storms Of The Fate” – Historical Hungarian Leaders Get Their Smiles On

Robert Velkey 2017.05.22.

“Let fortune bless or fortune curse” sounds a part of the Hungarian Appeal, a famous poem written by Mihály Vörösmarty that functions as a sort of second national anthem. But why should fortune curse us? There are many-many proverbs and sayings about Hungarian melancholy, and the sad fate of the Hungarian nation.While Hungarians throughout history have suffered more than their fare share of the slings and arrows of fate, but even so,why should we always “cry even while marrying”?

Lilla Szőcs was thinking about these issues when she had an idea to reform all that. Well, to tell the truth, her art was a copy of a  guy who was going around the Rijksmuseum of Netherlands and using FaceApp to add smiles to classical art has finally found a good use for FaceApp.

Anyway, Lilla started to change the Hungaro-pessimism by changing the face of the great historical Hungarian leaders. Here are the kings, princes, lords and politicians of Hungary, smiling for the first time ever. For once, let’s smile with them!

Stephen I of Hungary

 szent pityu


Mathias Rex



Francis II Rákóczi



Lajos Kossuth



István Széchenyi 



Ferenc Deák



Ferenc Erkel



via: wmn.hu

photos: wmn.hu

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